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Before using the BIW Information Channel ("Channel") you or your company, firm or organisation should have signed and returned the End User Licence Agreement and therefore agree to be bound by its terms. If you or your company, firm or organisation have not done this and you nevertheless use the Channel, you may do so on condition that:

  • BIW Technologies Ltd ("BIW") excludes all liability in contract or in tort for your use of the Channel; and
  • You acknowledge that all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the design and contents of the Channel are reserved to BIW and its licensors and that any unauthorised copying of the design or contents, or other unauthorised use will infringe the rights of BIW and its licensors under international treaty and English law; and
  • BIW may provide access to any information you place on the Channel in relation to a project, at any time, to any parties properly requiring it in order to participate in that project.

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